Welcome to the Giterary Playground

This is the example and testing area for Giterary. Here you can test out the application without having to set up the application or be in fear of treading on somebody else's work.

This Giterary instance is reset every hour to its "default" state. This means that you can make any edits, deletes, any modification that you want, as well as preview any features that you would otherwise need to be logged in for.

Username: test
Password: test

... (and play nice, or head back to the Giterary site to just read about it)

Start here to view some examples, and to start playing:

Functional Examples That May Strike Your Fancy

Writing Ideas, Organized Slightly

Largely abandoned and forgotten writing of yore, reformatted and reorganized for your demonstrative perusal.

  • Costco - The Musical - A musical tale of agoraphobia, commercialism, and love.
  • Orange - "The ship reminded him of home in winter..."
  • The Ozymandias Club - It isn't enough to live forever. You have to live longer than the next guy's forever.
  • Computer People - A quiet wish for a better class of nerd show.
  • Hereafter - An attempt at humor in regards to the great beyond.

Sundry Items